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Love Angels

Today I finished correcting the appliqué I forgot to cut in reverse. I was able to get one quilt fused together for my 2 peas in a pod baby quilts.  I will be spending the evening finishing the second one.  Then tomorrow I will start satin stitching the edges and adding details.

I dropped off all eight of my quiltography pieces for our up coming show.  Quilt Artists of Kentucky and the Lexington Photography club teamed up this year.  Our inspiration picture will be hung, surrounded by the mounted quilt pieces.  They will be exhibited at Christ Cathedral starting in November.  The opening reception will be on November 18th.



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I have quilt 4 and 8 almost finished.  These are the last two for the QAK quiltography exhibit.  They are all due next week.  The Mountain Scene  for  piece four was photographed by Carol Rice Cain  photo4original

Turned sideways I saw a woman.  The quilting still has to be finished.  I couldn’t find the right color in my stash for her dress so I colored a pastel pic of fabric with a combination of stained by sharper, Marvey Fabric Markers and tsukineko inks.


The last piece is Red Lamps by Helen MaClatchy


Here is a full shot and a close up of my piece.  Still have to quilt the bricks.

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My Etsy Shop

I have finally set up my Etsy shop,  Dolores Quilts  At the present I have some of my realistic birds, whimsical birds and some impressionistic landscapes.  I will be adding more soon.

Please check it out!m Be sure to like your favorites on Facebook or twitter.

Thanks for taking a look!

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This next quilt is number seven in our photography challenge.  The original bride picture is bySteve Bromley of the new port bridge.13886954_1087301978023155_1317546091298582628_nIMG_2100.jpgThis is a close up of party of my bridge.  Before I show the entire pictureI will show you my first attempt.

At first I liked my bridge idea ,, but the more I looked at the head, not so much.  It was way too cartoony.  Here is a picture of it. It was very difficult drawing all the lines with thread.


Started with a new background, and instead of drawing all the lines, I thread painted all the areas that were to be black.  This was much easier and looked better too.  The original triangles on the stomach were to be architectural like the photo.  I decided to go a little more organic with curved thread work.  I also beaded his eye and around the areas were he is surfacing.

Now for the big reveal!!!

bridgeHe also has a slight sglitter dust on his chest that you can’t see in the photo.

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Amure – Finished

The amure has been finished for several weeks but I hadn’t had time to post.  After all the thread painting the quilt was anchored to a 1/2 inch canvas that is painted black.  The final touch was a few cat whiskers donated by a friend.   You can not really see these in the photo.  The ones that show are couched threads.


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12 by 12 challenge block 3

I started block 3 for the QAK 12 by 12 Photo Challenge on Wednesday and finished it on Thursday.  I was surprised to use three and a half bobbins  worth of thread for such a small project.    This is the original picture.


My first idea was to simplify the picture and make a paper pieced quilt and fill in the details with stitching.  After designing and printing I change my mind and decided to do a reflective pattern.  After designing this and making a pattern, I just free hand cut the pieces and stuck them down with a glue stick.  Then I made an attempt to repeat the rock patterns on the columns with free motion quilting.  Next I filled in all the other rocks. I decided against a boarder and sewed a piece of fabric over the front all the way around. Then I made a slit in it and turned it right side out.  Here is a picture of the finished piece.  This one I really like.


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Do Not Weep for Me

My daughter has posed for my bible women.  Below is one of the poses.  Each pose has been posterized and then put in gray scale.  Each of the five women will use 5-6 values of a color.  Other faces have been put on the images so all 5 women look different.  I have drawn enlarged copies on news print and now will begin transferring this to freezer paper.