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Play props

I’m helping add detail to scenery and make some props for the Wizard of OZ.   This morning I designed a simple large flower with things on hand.   This was a 15 minute  throw together before I had to leave the house this morning.  I think with a few  modifications and actually cutting out the leaves it will work great.  I’ve figured out how to light up and make the witches broom smoke – just have to find some supplies and make the broom.



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My New Shade Garden

Finally, I am fixing up the area at the back of the house were nothing seems to grow.  I gathered up old pots, thinned some plants, found an old pump and picked up a few yard sale items.First I pulled all the virginia creeper.  Next my DH helped move some old  brick chimneys with the help of a dolly and his lawnmower.  

First to the fountain.  An old pump, I’d never gotten to work, a yard sale pot, scrap tile and a stump.  After a lot of work I got it going.  I used a ceramic pumpkin pot to hold the pump under water and ran the tubing through the eye and the lid to keep out debris.  Pebbles, some old candle holders, and succulents finish it off.

Next I caulked three 24 inch tiles to lay over two of the chimneys for a nice wide bench.  The third chimney was set up right and a ceramic bowl was set into the opening.  Then succulents, moss and shells were added.

Some final touches, a fern and a yard sale chandelier.  Upcycling and reuse makes a nice seating area for for eight dollars.  This completes stage one of the shade garden.

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Studio Reorganization

I repainted and reorganized my pegboard for tools and added a second one for my thread.  I have not decided yet if I should draw outlines for tool positions like my last board.  It worked nice for a quick glance to let me know what I had not put away when done.   The thread board is covered with heavy vinyl to keep dust off the threads.  It is anchored on the shelf.  For easy access I slit the vinyl about every four inches.  I also took down shelves and moved them and removed all the old teddy bears.