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Pigs in Mud Cake

really liked the pig cake I saw on pintrest, so here is my version.  
First I made my favorite and easy chocolate cake from scratch.  Super rich chocolate and no egg or milk so my daughter can eat it.  All you do is pour all the ingredients in a bowl and stir with a fork.  I’ll post the recipe later.
I used chocolate frosting then covered it with a mix of melted dark chocolate chips,white chocolate chips mixed with almond milk.   I used pink and white fondant kneaded together for my pig color. Other colors were white fondant mixed with food coloring.  Here are some other views and some close ups.

Hogs -N- Kisses sign and basket of towels with mud drips.
Pig floating with drink
Pig in hat with flower
Pigs soaking under water
Pig with nose emerging from mud.
Anyway hope you enjoy our pig fun.  My daughter and I enjoyed making this project for my mother’s and my husband’s birthday dinner.

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Two great finds today!!!!

Today I tried out a lot of vintage sewing machines. Some worked very well and others needed some work. I finally settled on a Singer 500a machine. It is a slant needle Machine and sews very well.

This machine will stay in my car so I can have a machine for on the go. The second machine is a Brother Festival 451. It is a great machine for straight sewing and zigzag. It is a machine that was built to last. This machine I am getting for my daughter-in -law. Here is a picture of this bright pink machine.

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Long Day

It’s been a long day. More MRI’s at 6:45, then quilt guild at 10:00. Got the center mariners compass quilted on my son’s star quilt. Just didn’t want to get started, but was not too bad once I came up with a plan. (I really need a mid arm or along arm quilting machine.)
Here are a few hand dyes hanging out to dry.