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My Etsy Shop

I have finally set up my Etsy shop,  Dolores Quilts  At the present I have some of my realistic birds, whimsical birds and some impressionistic landscapes.  I will be adding more soon.

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Thanks for taking a look!


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This next quilt is number seven in our photography challenge.  The original bride picture is bySteve Bromley of the new port bridge.13886954_1087301978023155_1317546091298582628_nIMG_2100.jpgThis is a close up of party of my bridge.  Before I show the entire pictureI will show you my first attempt.

At first I liked my bridge idea ,, but the more I looked at the head, not so much.  It was way too cartoony.  Here is a picture of it. It was very difficult drawing all the lines with thread.


Started with a new background, and instead of drawing all the lines, I thread painted all the areas that were to be black.  This was much easier and looked better too.  The original triangles on the stomach were to be architectural like the photo.  I decided to go a little more organic with curved thread work.  I also beaded his eye and around the areas were he is surfacing.

Now for the big reveal!!!

bridgeHe also has a slight sglitter dust on his chest that you can’t see in the photo.

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Birds and More

Yesterday I finished three background pieces and eight bodies for the realistic birds.

The day before I added tails and wings and beaks to ten more sets of whimsical birds.  Today I’ve finished up two more birds and added branches to some of the birds.  I have also started the thread painting.  I chose to start with green, as I wanted to tack down all the tiny leaves.  I used either three rounds of free motion straight stitch or a free motion zigzag.  One color down, about 99 to go.

As a diversion I made started and thread painted two tree scares. trees1f


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Building up my bird stash.  I’ve been working on the bare bones of some whimsical birds.  I have 20 bird sets ready to quilt and ten more to finish.  I also finished two goldfinch and a bluejay, three black capped chickadee’s and three robins ready for thread painting..  I want to get a few more realistic birds cut out and then I should get started on the thread painting.  I am excite about getting started and getting to try out my new Missouri Star Quilting thread.   I am also cutting up snippets to do some small impressionist painting style landscape quilts.