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New Chair Covering

I finally, was able to get my sewing chair completely apart to recover it.  I’ve tried on several occasions and just ended up tucking and gluing.  Needless to say, they never stayed on well.  Since I had the entire chair apart I also spray painted the plastic parts.  I just love the new pink fabric which has mint green, yellow, and brown that match my sewing studio walls.

DSCN3567 DSCN3568

I also recovered a cork-board and my sewing stool.




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Studio Mess and Matryoshka Dolls

My studio is already a disaster area and it’s only the beginning of February.  I actually had my 4 by 8 cutting table cleaned off for half a day.  Cutting out the Matryoshka Dolls really made a mess.  The boarder of the quilt is cut from 66 different fabrics, which are used in the dolls.  Other fabrics and embellishments will be used for the center of the dresses.  Here’s a bit of my work in progress.

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As usual I started out the new year with a new word and cleaning my sewing studio.  This years word is choice.  Last year’s was evolve.  I think I have improved some of my skills and am hoping to continue improving my drawing skills.  Choice is my word this year because there are so many — choose to find time for art, chose to keep things organized or not, choose to practice and hone new skills …   I chose to recover my chair while I was cleaning.  I really like it.   The main cleaning is done, but the small sorting goes on.

I have finally made the commitment to unstitch my goddess for my mother earth quilt.  Taking out tight stitches in 2 pieces of 1 inch foam stacked and fabric was tedious.  I love the new results and can now finish quilting the background and adding the beaded spiderweb.  Then for the trees and 3-D leaves.

I celebrated my 50th birthday early by having a half century celebration party.  The party was to thank all those who have made my life what it is.  The menu was lasagna, spaghetti, garlic bread and vegetable soup.  I also baked two chocolate cakes from scratch and made chocolate molded pretzels.  Family brought fruit and veggie trays.  We had a great time.   Guests were to entertain me.  Even my grandson stood on a bench and sang in front of everyone.  I wrote and sang my own old age song to the tune of My Favorite Things.  (Side note – the malox version going around the web was not written by or sung by Julie Andrews)


January – clean up

I have spent the 1st 2 weeks of January cleaning up and reorganizing my sewing room.  The peg boards with tools and threads are now neat and accessible.  The furniture is in place, so all that’s left is to sort through the piles of scraps and organize my patterns.
I’ve had a basket to toss empty spools in for awhile.

Decided to count before I threw them away.  Many more than I thought.  Over 100!

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Studio Reorganization

I repainted and reorganized my pegboard for tools and added a second one for my thread.  I have not decided yet if I should draw outlines for tool positions like my last board.  It worked nice for a quick glance to let me know what I had not put away when done.   The thread board is covered with heavy vinyl to keep dust off the threads.  It is anchored on the shelf.  For easy access I slit the vinyl about every four inches.  I also took down shelves and moved them and removed all the old teddy bears.