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Spring Lurks


An old poem that fits the season

Spring Lurks
The south wind has come calling
telling new jokes
that leave the trees
shaking with laughter.
She tickles the stately pine
and whispers soft innuendoes
His boughs bend
with embarrassment.
She whistles a gay tune
trying to lure me from the house
with bold rumors of spring
But I am not fooled.
I know she is a big tease
Spring may be lurking
around the corner
but winter is still here
to bully us.
Feb. 7th 2009

This morning’s sunrise




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Haiku and Quilting

Long before I started quilting I envisioned myself a poet. This being said many of my quilts were inspired by my poetry, most from Haiku. Over the next month I will share some of these quilts with the inspiring poem.

(Spirit Dancer)
Amongst mundane chores

Dreams and aspirations rise
Savanna dances

(Carousel Dreams)
Cantering steed bolts
Peals of laughter overhead

Rhythmic and lilting