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More Iris

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Word for Year — in the garden — sewing

What do all these things have in common?  Choice.  My word for 2014 is choice.  Today more than ever I had to choose to get up and get things done.  The pain in my hands is so intense and all my muscles are aching from tightening up.  But I had a choice and I chose to do things despite the pain.  I chose not to feel sorry for myself but chose to find things to inspire me.   After yesterday’s rain I thought there would be something new blooming in the garden.  I could have chosen to be disappointed  with all the weeds and the not so perfect display of the first iris or look for new growth and find other beauty outside.  I chose to look fro new growth on the rose bushes that didn’t quite make it through winter unscathed..  I found many that if pruned back had new leaves and branches starting at the base.  I chose just to enjoy a few moments of God’s beauty in the yard.   Especially important is that I chose not to be frustrated with the progress of my large tree I am working on.  I switched ,from my favorite sulky invisible thread, to superior smoke with a dark cotton thread in the bobbin.  This is working so much better on this very stiff and awkward piece.  So CHOOSE to do something!  Choose to think positive, choose to be inspired, choose to find beauty, choose to embrace life!

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Spring Lurks


An old poem that fits the season

Spring Lurks
The south wind has come calling
telling new jokes
that leave the trees
shaking with laughter.
She tickles the stately pine
and whispers soft innuendoes
His boughs bend
with embarrassment.
She whistles a gay tune
trying to lure me from the house
with bold rumors of spring
But I am not fooled.
I know she is a big tease
Spring may be lurking
around the corner
but winter is still here
to bully us.
Feb. 7th 2009

This morning’s sunrise




Spring in the Garden –

Spring is in the garden, but the weatherman says more snow is on the way.  The crocus survived the last snow and are still going strong.  Monday, I found a plethora of tulips, plenty of daffodils, and even hyacinths getting ready to make a show.   I even found that my  lilac that’s only 10 inches high has buds on it.  If the  cold doesn’t freeze them out, it should be a colorful April.   Guess I should wait to remove the leaf mulch.  I’m so over winter.