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My first latte’

My very first latte’!  No still wouldn’t drink one, but since they look so cute had to felt one in a teacup.


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What happened to June?

Here I am counting the days left of July to finish my flight quilt.  I have worked on a lot, but have not blogged about anything.   I created this three dimensional house for a friend of mine.  It symbolizes the love found in her home.  Kids representing her children and grandchildren peer out all the windows.  The roof comes off to reveal a secret stach of chocolate.   The structure is built with timtex layered in the middle as batting.  The bird nest is an acorn cap and beads.  The rocks are beads and flowers  are sewn with embroidery floss.  Windows are made of clear vinel.

The first week in July we attended the last Cornerstone Music Festival.  There were lots of inspirational speakers, as well as great artists.  I got to see one of my favorite bands, Iona.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely despite the 110 heat index all week.  One of my highlights is always the art pilgrimage.   This year I did some silk dyeing and finally got to learn a bit about needle felting.  Here is a picture of my creations.