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Quiltography Photo 6

I still have not decided on an idea to go with photo 4, but decided to move on to photo 5 and 6.  Photo 6 is  a part of a rusted out car.  I decided to make some people like characters out of metal and old car parts to accompany the car.

photo6 The above photo is the inspiration.  I have not decided on how to do the eyes on the first man.  The fabric is some of my older rust dyed fabrics. Here is the start of my piece. Just trying things out.




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Quiltography 2015 – Entry 2

Here is a picture of my second piece for the Quilt Artists of KY Quiltography.   Mine is rust dyed and appliquéd.  I also used Profab opaque paint for the blue areas.

DFTouch of Orange11951176_10206369265824112_4991948577895377493_n

Here are some close-ups

IMG_5180 IMG_5181

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Wild Week -UFo’s and WIP’s

It’s been a wild week with lots of projects and doctors’ appointments and Easter Programs.  Last night we had a wonderful sedar meal with lots of lamb and horseradish.  Tonight will be our Good Friday service.

 Thank you cards to mount on card stock, postage to add to envelopes to send my son tomorrow.  Card drawn by my daughter.

On to this weeks works:   A rust dyed journal cover to hand stitch while waiting in doctors offices

Pieced some  new book marks.  Still have lots of embellishment and stitches to add.

Bo Pee’s lambs gone astray is coming along.

And of course garden work, or rather photographing it lots of wild weather and windfall.  Terrific green lichen for dye, lots and lots of old branches covered in it. Yeah!

 Linden and honey suckle starting to bloom. They smell so sweet and delightful.
And our last batch of caterpillars overwintered and hatched this week

One top of all this fabric dyeing and slowly working on uninstalling all the malware on my computer.  Found a great sight that helps you for free, one on one also, lots of down loading, scans and uploading logs, but my computer is running much better.  Yeah!!!!

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Working Hard

Just taking a quick break.  I’ve been working on 6 new journal covers and some quilted bookmakers.  Need to add hand embellishments this evening.
The rust dyed velor fabric made 2 very nice journal covers. Only one problem, the sewing machine needle would not sew through them and just kept shredding the thread.  This is the first time I’ve had trouble with my rust dyed fabric.  I thought I had a perfect solution, I’d try needle felting it.  Three broken needles later I gave up.  Now I am hand embellishing shell outlines and couching other fibers.  I am happy with the results, just not the pace.

My second attempt with glue batik has had good results.  I thought it would be a disaster because I started painting and then let it set three weeks before I got back to it.  Rinsed out the glue yesterday and it actually still came out. Yeah!   Now for some color touch up an a lot of thread painting.

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Rust dyeing Results

The rust dyes are washed, dried, and ironed.  Here they are just be for I brought them in to iron.  I was not as pleased with the first cotton one as I usually am.  It will be good cut up and used with other fabrics.

 The rust dye on the white velor turned out great.  I am planning on making a quilted journal cover from it.

 Close up of the rust dye velor

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Rust Dyeing

My rust dyeing has mixed results.  The rust chicken wire did not work well because the whole thing was stuck together after sitting so long. :0(  The velor fabric is rusting well.  Will open it after church this morning.  Yes, I’ve been up all night.  Going to catch an hour now.
The horseshoes and such had re-rusted, but didn’t leave much of a mark on the fabric so I put more vinegar over it.

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Rust Dyes – June

I left my rusty materials from last year set out and rust some more over the winter.  In June I soaked scraps of fabric in white vinegar and water. Then I wrapped them around the different objects.  Some I let set all day and others only an hour.  I did not wrap them in plastic this time.  The gray or blackish ones were then dyed in tea. Here are the pictures of the fronts and backs