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QAK Quiltography Exhibit

QAK, Quilt Artists of Kentucky, and the Lexington Camera Club have a joint exhibit at Christ Church Cathedral in Lexington. Last year photos taken by the club were issued to QAK members, who interpreted the images into their own 12 x 12″ quilts. Now they will be displayed for everyone to see! Come check them out while you can (last day of the exhibit is Jan. 1)!

November 13, 2016——–Opening Day (Quiltography and EMOTIONS Challenge quilts)
November 18, 2016——–Gallery Hop and QAK Reception from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
January 1, 2017——–Last day of exhibit


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Quiltography Photo 6

I still have not decided on an idea to go with photo 4, but decided to move on to photo 5 and 6.  Photo 6 is  a part of a rusted out car.  I decided to make some people like characters out of metal and old car parts to accompany the car.

photo6 The above photo is the inspiration.  I have not decided on how to do the eyes on the first man.  The fabric is some of my older rust dyed fabrics. Here is the start of my piece. Just trying things out.



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Quiltography 2015 – Entry 2

Here is a picture of my second piece for the Quilt Artists of KY Quiltography.   Mine is rust dyed and appliquéd.  I also used Profab opaque paint for the blue areas.

DFTouch of Orange11951176_10206369265824112_4991948577895377493_n

Here are some close-ups

IMG_5180 IMG_5181

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Finished at Last

At last my girl from the Hollis Chatelain Workshop is quilted and bound.  I don’t think i am a big fan of lots of quilting on faces. Maybe, I just didn’t  get the contour quite right.  I am happy with the quilt.  I did realize that faces should not be only slightly larger than normal, it makes them look a little off and kind of creepy.  I would definitely go much bigger or smaller if I did this again.  to view quilting click on picture an enlarge.


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Fixed It

I was really unhappy with the way my fabric dyed face turned out from Hollis Chatelains’s class.  I was having trouble seeing my drawing and just decided to wing it.  So i’ve been working on it once every few weeks and putting it away again.I used  ink intense pencils and prism colors to rework it.  I also used a bit of fabric paint mixed with medium so I could paint over the nose.  It’s not spectacular, but I’m satisfied with it and am ready to quilts.  Here is a picture of the enhanced face.  Now I’m ready for the quilting.


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Day 3 KHQS Adventures in quilting

I was exhausted when I got home yesterday and did not get around to posting.  What a wonderful workshop.  If you ever get a chance Hollis Chatelain’s classes are well worth your time and money. The big reveal on how the dyes look once they are washed and dried.  Everyone got to share their pieces again once they were rinsed and dried.  Quite a difference.  Fuchsia and yellow sure do not fade.  Every one had really beautiful work.  My tree faded a bit more than I expected.  This was my own fault for putting dye paste over some of it.   I am please with the results and have it pinned and ready to add quilting.  This is where it will get to really be enhanced.  I will post a before and after of the nuthatch.  I will save the girl to show once she is fully quilted.  Right now she is being marked up for quilting.  The nuthatch is pinned and ready to begin.

DSCN3428 copy

We did not get time to do any sewing.  We watched Hollis do demonstrations and show us how to mark the quilts to figure out our quilting lines.  This is where we needed tracing paper and prisma colored pencils.  We spent all our time after lunch giving Hollis a real workout.  We all wanted her attention to check out our stitch ideas.  She was extremely helpful.

She will give guidance and help, but you have to put in an effort first.  I know I learned a lot from my mistakes and her encouragement.  Now off to sew!

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Day three begins…

4 am up and washed projects out.  This took about and hour and a half.  Now the other ladies in my group will blow them dry with hair driers.  I’m glad that is not me.  Washing them was hot enough work.  I think I will like mine.  I didn’t wash out the face because I want the dye to sit longer.

Hollis demonstrating:


Here are some pictures of everyone working:

DSC_0006 DSC_0007 DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_0011 DSC_0013 DSC_0014