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March BOM

DSCN2419            DSCN2432

The block for March is the snowy tree.    Here is a picture of it  before it was  all pieced and after it was finished.  I added my own rabbit as an extra.

I don’t like wasting fabric and this pattern has you sew two  2 1/2″ blocks diagonally and cut off 1/4 inch from the side.  I have two ways to not waste the triangles.  One is to sew a second line over 1/2 from the first.  Then you end up with the 2 1/2 inch and a one inch square.  I just turn it around and sew a second line – the red one and then cut on the green or in between them.    It’s also much easier then sewing tiny triangles.

DSCN2430                  Image11

The second way is to cut your two blocks 1/2″ larger than you want and then mark the diagonal down the center and sew a quarter inch from the diagonal on each side.  A handy tool if you are not sure about your lines being straight is the magic triangle method tool.  You line the center of the tool on the diagonal points and then mark down each side with a mechanical pencil and sew on these lines.  Then cut in half for two equal half square triangles.



This shows the difference in size of the two blocks but from the larger one you get two half square triangles of equal size, no waist, and less overall fabric.

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