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Do Not Weep continued

I had to darken some of my darkest purple with purple fabric ink because I needed a darker shade.  Next I added the third purple shade of fabric. Here I made a mistake and was glad the fusible was not fully attached.   Usually  my pieces are numbered 1-6 with one being the lightest, but I did it opposite this time.  I’ve been working at short intervals and came back to do the next layer and thought I forgot some places because I forgot how I numbered the piece.  I added more of the second darkest fabric where I should have put the lightest fabric.  Anyway, here is a picture of the mistake and then the correction.  I also found that my next color is a bit to close to the number 5 fabric and I need to go shopping for another shade.  I usually number and letter all my pieces so I know where they go.  Not wanting to waist the time I just numbered by shade and am having to spend lots of time figuring out which piece is which.  I will not make this mistake again.