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A few birds being auctioned for Mosquito NETS

Our United Methodist Women’s group is raising money to provide mosquito nets to prevent malaria in Africa.  All of the raised funds go to the group Nothing but NETS.   Ten dollars will provide one net.


I have made a few of my 60 day bird challenge pieces into small wall hangings. These will be auctioned in a silent auction on October 20th.   I am going to do a pre-auction for my 6 pieces.  Bidding starts at 5 dollars and goes up at dollar intervals.  If you are interested in bidding please email your bid and the number of the bird you are bidding on to   Each day I will post the highest bid amount.  I will send a reply to the first person with the high bid amount for the day.  Online bidding ends on October 18th at 10:00 pm.  If the top bid is $25 or less, bidding will continue off line Sunday afternoon at New Beginnings Methodist Church in Stanford.   Top bid over $25 on the 19th wins the quilt. You may pay by check or with Paypal.

Each bird quilt is approximately 5″ by 6″.  The back has triangle pockets sewn in to hold a dowel rod for easy hangin


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60 Day bird Challenge

So today I should have created bird 56 today, instead I made a wall hanging out of three thread painted birds.  First I added thread to the bluebird’s head to make it larger, then I redid the warbler’s eye to make it smaller.  I choose to put the birds in an attic block window.  Then I free motion quilted with sulky monofilament thread.  On the dark brown I used a darker brown thread and did pebbling.  It was really hard to see the stitches to tell where the stitches were already.  Finished all but the binding.  Then sketched a cardinal on fabric and picked out patterned fabrics for bird 56.

It is straighter than the picture, I was just aiming the camera by holding it up above the quilt.



Eastern Blue Bird

Today is day 29 of the 60 day bird challenge.  I choose to draw an eastern bluebird and recreate it in fabric and thread.  Here are some pictures that show my process.  I used Elmer’s glue stick to hold everything until I stitched.  The pieces of fabric were cut free hand and held up to the drawing to make sure the shape was right and then stuck to the canvas.  I did not use stabilizer behind my piece.

      DSCN3342   DSCN3343
      DSCN3344   DSCN3345



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Day 11 Blue-winged Warbler


The Blue-winged Warbler was today’s bird inspired by bright yellow scrap of satin found when working on my sewing room clean up today.  I did a quick pencil sketch and then a black line drawing.
DSCN2988 DSCN2989

Here is also a picture of the bird in fabric scraps before the thread sketching.