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I’ve decided to work on several new  5 by 7′ birds.  After drawing my designs I did a simplified outline on linen and covered the background with snippets of fabric for sky and tree branches.  I cover these with tule and quilted them with free motion stitching.   Next I cut out the main bird body and began adding wings, beaks and light and dark areas from fabric scraps and glued them down lightly with a glue stick.  The assembled bodies were then played over the backgrounds and thread painted.

Bluebird – with and without thread painting, close up
Cardinal background, bird without and with thread painting.  The cardinal has 16 different thread colors in it.
Titmouse background, bird before and after thread painting and a close up.  Wren – finished and in frame.

(click images for closer view.)
I’ll post the chickadee later. Forgot to photograph it.





Author: Dolores

Quilt Artist, Poet, Avid Gardener

2 thoughts on “Birds

  1. Those are so cool! Love them.

  2. Beautiful birds. Thanks for sharing the process! Merry Christmas.

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