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Cerulean Blues

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So I’m feeling a little frustrated at this point.  For some reason I altered my quilt size for the color challenge I’m a part of.  Quilts were to be 18″ by 40″.  I sewed all the back ground, got my jazz picture drawn after lots of work.  I have an original drawing copies in marker and a copy on fusible paper.  The body is layered with cotton batting  and then the edges of the blue are fuse tacked around it so it doesn’t show. I cut a some of my pieces out started fusing the face and body.  Then i started thinking about the size and decided to look it up.  Oops mine was 18″ by 30″.  Redrafting the person would mean a lot of work, plus I already drew all the pieces on fuse able web.  I also think stretching it more makes him look like Godzilla.

Long story short I now have another UFO for a latter date.  I like the buildings so much I may just quilt it as it is.

My start up image – color change and hat added. Pieced buildings – windows from my #1, #4, and #7 blues.

:sax1   jazzBG   jazzlayout


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