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A few birds being auctioned for Mosquito NETS


Our United Methodist Women’s group is raising money to provide mosquito nets to prevent malaria in Africa.  All of the raised funds go to the group Nothing but NETS.   Ten dollars will provide one net.


I have made a few of my 60 day bird challenge pieces into small wall hangings. These will be auctioned in a silent auction on October 20th.   I am going to do a pre-auction for my 6 pieces.  Bidding starts at 5 dollars and goes up at dollar intervals.  If you are interested in bidding please email your bid and the number of the bird you are bidding on to   Each day I will post the highest bid amount.  I will send a reply to the first person with the high bid amount for the day.  Online bidding ends on October 18th at 10:00 pm.  If the top bid is $25 or less, bidding will continue off line Sunday afternoon at New Beginnings Methodist Church in Stanford.   Top bid over $25 on the 19th wins the quilt. You may pay by check or with Paypal.

Each bird quilt is approximately 5″ by 6″.  The back has triangle pockets sewn in to hold a dowel rod for easy hangin


Author: Dolores

Quilt Artist, Poet, Avid Gardener

2 thoughts on “A few birds being auctioned for Mosquito NETS

  1. the birds are so well done… but the bee picture! Freak out since I was stung on my inside thigh this weekend, thru my pants leg! Boy does it still hurt. LeeAnna Paylor at not afraid of color

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