Dolores Quilts

Dolores Fegan Quilt Artist

Eastern Blue Bird


Today is day 29 of the 60 day bird challenge.  I choose to draw an eastern bluebird and recreate it in fabric and thread.  Here are some pictures that show my process.  I used Elmer’s glue stick to hold everything until I stitched.  The pieces of fabric were cut free hand and held up to the drawing to make sure the shape was right and then stuck to the canvas.  I did not use stabilizer behind my piece.

      DSCN3342   DSCN3343
      DSCN3344   DSCN3345




Author: Dolores

Quilt Artist, Poet, Avid Gardener

5 thoughts on “Eastern Blue Bird

  1. Very Beautiful bluebird Delores! Even the thistle too! Your technique is intriguing.

  2. Beautiful bluebird, so cleverly done.

  3. Delores, you have achieved wonderful results with this technique. I tried something similar–freehand cutting, glue tacking, and threadpainting–on some pieces and loved working that way….The best to you on your 60 birds!! 🙂

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