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Finally got around to some quilting today. Yeah! Working on my 3rd 12 by 12 for QAK.  All 4 are due by next Wednesday.  Then I must finish my mother earth quilt.  What has been occupying all my time? I’ve been working on enhancing the set and designing props and tree costumes for the high school play.  I can say paper mache, paint and a staple gun go a long way.   Here are a few of the props I made.  I still need to clean up the paint and cardboard and put all the returned props away.  The smoking broom I constructed worked great except that I forgot to check the cup on the final night.  The hot water rushed down scalding my daughter’s hand because of a crack in the dry ice cup.  She continued her performance without missing a beat.  I didn’t even know until someone told me they thought she was burned because she was running cold water on her hand.

ruby2by2 DSC_0222 DSC_0224 DSC_0351  umbrellas2  makeup witch3


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