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12 by 12 number two



HereImage2 is a picture of the prompt for QAK ‘s (quilt artists of  Kentucky) second 12 by 12  challenge quilt.  The photo  made me think of Esher’s art work and a fear of heights.  It  took me awhile to figure out how to draw a Penrose stair.  

DSCN2460     DSCN2461

Next I cut it out of peltex  and then fused fabric over it.  The next step was to satin stitch the fabric edges.

DSCN2474   Then then blue organza was added and next a layer of  batting cut out where the organza would show.  The quilt was backed with a silken taffeta fabric in Prussian blue.  All the inside edges were stitched down and then  straight line stitching was done without marking or measuring.  Here is a picture of the finished quilt.



Author: Dolores

Quilt Artist, Poet, Avid Gardener

2 thoughts on “12 by 12 number two

  1. I love it! It does look like Esher.

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