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Matryoshka Dolls – rethinking

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Since my last post on the matryoshka dolls I have been practicing curved piecing.  To be precise the 6 minute circle.  I am using the book Pieced Curves So Simple by Dale Fleming  that my niece gave me a few Christmas’s ago.  My circle and heart came out very nice, except the fabric choices. (Using up lots of old scraps and fabric people have given me since they know that I quilt.)

If you look at the close-ups you can see that the circle looks set in and the heart appears to puff out, this is because of how the seems are pressed. If you press them toward the background it appears set in.  If you press the seams toward the center it looks more like applique’.

After doing these,  I had the bright idea to try and set in half inch circles. Why 1/2 inch? I wanted to set in the faces of my matryoshka dolls in the scarves.  then I decided to sew the bodies together with curved piecing as well.  I also wanted to set the dolls in the background.  This way I wouldn’t have to satin stitch all the edges.  With such small pieces the satin stitch is a little heavy.  Piecing  will also make it easier to add bead and other embellishments.

It worked.  Dispite the fact that I used more miss matched scraps, I think it worked great.  Now, I will be going back and remaking the finished blocks with curved piecing.  Yeah!


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