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Still Digging Out!

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My studio organization has become an eternal WIP  

With so many projects going on, I am still digging out from Christmas.  I have actually cleaned out from under the studio table  and organized stuff in clear boxes.

Nice and cleared out, right.  But now what do I do with the rest of this stuff that was lurking under the table.

 Okay so you can see as I clean I leave a new path of destruction in my wake.
Not willing to tackle this at the moment, i moved on to dusting, cleaning, sorting and reorganizing the closet.  Here is my reorganization, before I started moving other things around an had to borrow some of the boxes.
 Before and after, with dye materials organized on the bottom shelf, and large fabric pieces wrapped around empty cardboard  that holds fabric bolts in the store. (Free, if you just ask, they usually throw them away)

So I spent the rest of the evening watching Close Encounters with the family. They had the couch while I began to tackle the dreaded box that has begun oozing strings and fabric.    I am sorting scraps into 3 sizes and also by color.  I have taken over a good portion of the living-room. with my piles and haven’t made a dent in the box. Just how much fabric could be stuffed into one file box.  It is sort of like the clowns at the circus coming out of the tiny car, and just as colorful.


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