Dolores Quilts

Dolores Fegan Quilt Artist

Rust Dyeing Results


After my fabric set for a week I unwrapped the poles and removed my fabric.  I wanted a little more color so I pole wrapped it and set it in tea for about 10 minutes.  The tea gave it a lovely grey shade to the white areas.  I’m guessing that was because of the vinegar.   I washed the fabric in a mild detergent dried and pressed.  Here are the results.


Author: Dolores

Quilt Artist, Poet, Avid Gardener

2 thoughts on “Rust Dyeing Results

  1. Love the organic look to these pieces. I mostly wrap my fabric around a bottle with rusted wire but against these they tend to look ‘constructed’ if you know what I mean. Pieces like yours just look far more natural.
    Plus I’m too impatient to leave them for a week – a couple of days is about my limit 🙂

  2. It was not the vinegar that gave the lovely gray colors to your rust dyed piece. It was the tea. I very ancient recipe for black is iron oxide, plus tannin acid, plus salt.

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